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Post by Maia on Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:24 pm

Please read through these board guidelines and follow them carefully. It will make the board a pleasant place for all fans to post and much easier to moderate.

1. No Bashing
Absolutely no bashing of Audrey will be accepted. NONE. We are supportive of Audrey. Offensive posts will be deleted immediately.

2. Creating Threads
To keep things neat please post in the right forum. News are for news, Photos for photos, etc. If you post photos please to give a logic order, try to write in the title - name of event.

3. Personal Talk
Personal topics concerning Audrey are allowed but make sure you're not going too personal.

4. Keep on Topic
Please keep the messages on-topic according to its subject, or it will be split to its own, separate topic or deleted.

5. No "One Line" Posts
Besides looking messy, other members cannot continue a discussion to a one word answer.

6. Respect
You need to respect everyone here. We have zero tolerance for racism, homophobia and sexism and none of that is allowed here. Period.

7. No Hotlinking
Please try to avoid hotlinking pictures in the forums. Use all the free service that you prefer ImageBam, ImageVenue, ImageShack, Photobucket.

8. No Spamming
Spamming is not allowed. It makes the board look messy and creates unnecessary extra work for the staff.

9. Remember!
I (the webmaster) have the right to edit/delete/ban any registered users of this forum if I feel I have to. If you can't access the forum because you have been banned, you know what you did.

That's all! Have nice time here!

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