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Post by Arenaria on Mon May 31, 2010 8:37 pm

Some movies where Audrey Tautou involved that I missing in her filmography:
1: TV series Les Cordier, Juge et Flic,
"Le Crime d'côté", Original Air Date 3 April, 1997, duration 90 min
Bruno Cordier has a discussion with Myriam when they hear a shot from the apartment next door. Bruno runs into the other apartment and finds his neighbor Magnien, a local police officer, severely injured on the floor. Although Magniens daughter Léa and her boyfriend Daniel are in the room. When Bruno pops up, in panic Daniel directed the gun at him and damaging Bruno in the leg. The police intend to storm the apartment to set free Bruno, when Commissaire Pierre Cordier arrives, he tries to negotiate with Daniel. . .

TV police series "Les Cordier, Juge et Flic" was broadcast in 14 seasons (63 episodes) from 1992 to 2005.
The protagonists are Commissaire Pierre Cordier, he is married to Lucia and has two children. His son Bruno Cordier is a judge and his daughter Myriam Cordier is a journalist.
Audrey Tautou has the role of Lea in season 5 episode 5.

2: TV series Julie Lescaut
Bal Masque, original air date in France, 24 September 1998, playing time 106 min.
Julie Lescaut is a female police (commissaire) and director of a group of police officers. She is also a single mother with two daughters Sarah and Babou.

Sarah, Julie Lescaut's oldest daughter goes to a party with her friends, a rave party. The happy party ends badly, however: fifteen young people get sick of ecstasy and Sara's boyfriend is found dead. It will be a difficult task for the police chief Julie Lescaut and her colleagues to sort out.
Audrey Tautou is involved in two short scenes in the movie (30 + 40 sec.) in the role of disc jockeyn Tracy.

Police series Julie Lescaut appears to be very popular in France where it has been played for 20 seasons, it began airing 1992nd. Audrey Tautou starred in season 7 episode 2 "Bal Masque".

3: "Train de Nuit", duration 2 min, produced 2009.
Advertising for Chanel No5.
Director: Jean Pierre Jeunet (Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain and Un long dimanche de fiancailles)

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